Isivuno Training strives to make a difference
in the lives of disadvantaged children

Our Vision:

Expanding the Kingdom through training preschool teachers and thereby enhancing the future of children.

How do we do this?

Firstly, through offering preschool teachers a biblically based training and curriculum, particularly teachers from rural and disadvantaged areas who do not have a formal qualification. We collaborate with schools and churches, to jointly develop and share resources, skills and knowledge.

Secondly, to empower and support people in the areas of high school mathematics and life skills.

group of teachers in Kenya

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We work towards and aim to:

  • Train teachers to integrate and embed Biblical principles in their teaching methods and curriculum.
  • Offer training, development and support to teachers and offer teaching resources to enable excellence towards maximising children’s potential.
  • Sustain change through mentoring, regular reflection, evaluation and planning as to improve and develop their schools/crèches/preschools.
  • Multiplication is important to expand our preschool teacher training to reach more teachers and thereby impact more children's lives. Due to the need for training, we are training trainers.
  • Involve parents and enable them to be co-responsible for their children’s education.

Training is offered to preschool teachers or caregivers - especially those who do not have a formal qualification and provide a service in homes, crèches and schools in rural areas. The programme collaborates with schools and churches, to jointly develop and share resources, skills and knowledge.

Life skills training is integrated in our teacher training, but we also offer life skills training on request as well as maths teacher training and support.

How you can support us

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How we use your donations:

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